For the month of September we actively supported a cause that is in great need of the communities help (The Pangolin) also known as “scaly anteaters”. To give our readers some background information this animal has become an endangered species and up to 100,000 pangolins are estimated to be hunted and sold every year, making them the most traded wild animal in the world, this number is largely growing. They are purely hunted for their meat which is considered a delicacy in China, Vietnam and other parts of south-east Asia, while the scales are prized for traditional medicine.

Local author Sarah Savory has written a fascinating children’s book which delivers a powerful message in raising awareness and inspiring children of all ages and adults to help protect the most-trafficked animal the pangolin. This book serves a great purpose in educating readers and as part of our community we feel we need to spread the message and generate some financial support towards this cause. You can get your hands on one of these remarkable books in store for a mere $20 dollars only.

Our aim at Originals is to do the best we can under trying times and at the very least contribute to worthy causes such as these. We are determined to assist where we know we can give back towards these exploited animals and we kindly welcome anybody wanting to support us in doing so.

With that said Originals has shifted into high gear and we have been busy bringing you the best quality branded clothing. As summer is officially here we have introduced several exciting brands into store. For the ladies you will find a range of quality bikini wear which are fairly priced and affordable. Driftwood sunglasses for those scorching summer days and many more exciting fashion finds in store.