At the start of August we opened our doors and our first month at Originals has been phenomenal! We would like to thank all of our valued customers for giving us such generous financial support and creating some much needed hype about Originals. We will continue to strive and keep up our finest quality and bring you the best of what we can. We welcome everyone into our store and have made sure there is a little something for everyone.

With some interesting news we would like to inform you all that we will be continually supporting some of Zimbabwe’s local animal welfare projects. We want to encourage and inspire our people to come together for such worthy causes so close to our hearts to ensure we all can make a difference. With that said we will be offering free ongoing gift wrapping for our customers in turn for any donation for nonprofit organizations. For each month we will be rotating donation tins so that each organization we are involved in supporting can get a fair chance of contributions.

For the month of August we have been involved in sponsoring “Friends of Kyle” with the setup of a website that will aid them with their ongoing projects as well as informing the community. Friends of Kyle is a non-profit organization which involves the community and school children who cooperate on all levels to help advocate and assist in the upkeep of our conservation.

Conservationists are assisted with anti-poaching equipment, camping equipment, protective clothing and patrol rations. Friends of Kyle also require moral support, education training in conjunction with improving the parks infrastructure, transport and the general welfare of conservationists.

We most welcome any person who can help assist in any of these areas mentioned above and are most thankful for any involvement or contribution made towards Friends of Kyle.